Naturally occurring multifunctional compounds with more than 120 pharmaceutical products on the market. Furthermore, several CDs received GRAS status, making them available for the food industry.

Our team consists of a small group of seasoned scientists with over 50 years of cumulative experience in the field of carbohydrate chemistry, analysis and pharmaceutical development.

Cyclodextrins improve drug solubility and dissolution rate. This enhancement increases the bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds, optimizing their therapeutic effects

Cyclodextrins effectively mask unpleasant tastes of drugs, improving palatability. Additionally, they enhance stability by encapsulating sensitive compounds, safeguarding them from degradation.

The benefits of CarboHyde

Our dedicated team offer cost-efficient solutions ensured by established infrastructure, resources, agile methodologies, and streamlined processes.

We offer adaptable solutions that can swiftly adjust to varying project scopes and requirements, showcasing remarkable flexibility, with scalable capabilities, ensuring seamless expansion or reduction of resources as needed.

Based on the API’s aimed application, and limitations, various CDs will be selected for the feasibility study

After completing the feasibility study proposed compositions are optimized.  

Phase 1

We perform a high-throughput screening of CDs. The in vitro solubilizing efficiency of various CDs will be studied.

Phase 1
Method selection

Various methods will be tested with the selected CDs. The impact of pH effects is also evaluated.

Phase 2
Composition optimization

Various FDA-approved excipients will be tested to further enhance the advantageous properties of CDs.

Phase 2
Stability studies

The prepared complexes and products will be stored at different conditions for studying the stability properties.

Phase 3
Phase-solubility study

The complexation efficiency of selected CDs will be calculated.

Phase 3
Technology transfer

Process transfer is described to ensure seamless scale-up in GMP environment.

Accepted delivery routes for pharma cyclodextrins according to EMEA:

You can check our draft SoW to perform a Feasibility study with your API.

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